Rulebook Updated to 2015 Version

Published on October 12, 2015 6:20 PM by dbo.

I am happy to announce that the Official Playing Rules for the Canadian Football League 2015 is now available in searchable permalink web format on CFLdb, With the number of significant rule changes made in the last two years, this is a welcome addition to any fan wanting to understand the nuances of the changes which essentially rewrote whole sections of rules. While this was needed prior to the season, all I can say is better late than never.

A complete comparison of the 2015 rulebook was made against the 2013 rulebook (the last version acquired) to capture all the 2014 changes and many wording changes missed earlier. However, it is possible the wording of some sections does not reflect the exact wording in the 2015 version, including typographical, capitalization and punctuation differences. I invite anyone who reviews the official PDF version of the rulebook and discovers an issue with the CFLdb version to report it.

Also, I am still in need of a copy of the 2012 and 2014 Rulebooks. If you have a copy, please contact me. I have plans to rework the rulebook section of the site, correcting missing changes, adding additional historical rulebooks (2007, 1980-1996) and including a version comparison ability. This will be completed when it is prioritized as the most important enhancement to make to the sites. If you would find this valuable, please send me your vote for performing this work.


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Rulebook Updated to 2015 Version was published on October 12, 2015 6:20 PM by dbo.

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