CFLdb Statistics Adds Manitoba Games

Published on June 13, 2015 2:03 PM by dbo.

CFLdb is pleased to announce the addition of 367 early Manitoba league games courtesy a donation of data by Chris Sinclair. Games from the early formation of rugby football in Manitoba and the Northwest Territories from 1890 through to 1935 have been added, with more pending. Go to CFLdb Statistics and check out the new additions under the league and team sections.

Chris has also provided detailed information on the Manitoba teams of this pre-WIFU era, which has allowed CFLdb to correct the team and league details for this period. Remarkably, Chris also had the field location for all games in Winnipeg, growing the number of playing fields in the database by 10. Chris’ research and writings explaining the origins of football in the area during the period will also be featured on CFLdb Statistics pages. They can be identified by the due credit given to Chris. More detailed accreditation is coming.

The data is in no way complete. Errors may exist (my errors in entry or omission), supplemental data like boxscores, coaches, game times, etc. are still missing. With this base in the database, these additions can be contributed by anyone who has the information or wishes to research it.

Known Issues

  • The origins of the database did not conceive data would be included prior to the 1950’s. As such, it wasn’t designed to handle the differences in team naming. Team naming formats for the period are not correct at present. This is an enhancement I expect to complete this year.
  • The database only handles the point scoring system. I do not expect to change this, but some games need to be converted from challenge system to points system to indicate the proper result, with additional information in the game notes.
  • Tie-breaker games need to be included in tie-breaking formula.
  • League list page needs to be improved.
  • Team list page needs to be improved.
  • Level of opposition is not noted. Intermediate and junior teams should be indicated when playing senior teams. I expect this to be fixed this year.
  • Issues I’ve forgotten or are unknown that will be discovered as I add more data and review content.

Chris has provided additional information, the next phase of the data load from 1935 to 1954 to occur as quickly as possible, hopefully before the end of the month. The primary importance of the second phase is to correct and complete the Second World War service teams and load games for this period.

Later, I have my own incomplete research to load data from the Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC unions pre-1946, plus additional information for the Manitoba games.

If you have your own research of the early days of senior rugby in Canada, please consider sharing with CFLdb. You will be fully credited for any donation of data you provide. The data on the site is truly a community effort, and I take no credit for it. I remain anonymous so visitors understand the site belongs to no one, but the credit falls on those who have compiled the data, like Steve Daniel of the CFL and Chris Sinclair.

Update June 28, 2015: All games are now added. Sixty-seven additional games from 1936–1954 have been added with 62 games updated. More information will continue to be added as the data provided by Chris continues to be mined.


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