2014 CFLdb Zeitgeist

Published on January 3, 2015 12:59 PM by dbo.

After missing a reflection on 2013, I catch up on the site happenings in 2014.

The last zeitgeist reviewed the situation after 2012. A lot can change in two years, even when changes introduced are minimal.


Traffic continues to grow across all sites, with people visits seeing an increase of 18.8% and page views an increase of 38.8% in 2014 over 2013 numbers.

Site Share

  1. CFLdb (67.3% people, 40.6% page views)
  2. CFLdb Statistics (30.2% people, 57.8% page views)
  3. CFLdb Razzle Dazzle (2.5% people, 1.6% page views)

Geography (All-time)

  1. Canada (69%)
    1. Ontario (29%)
    2. Alberta (19%)
    3. British Columbia (12%)
    4. Saskatchewan (12%)
    5. Manitoba (9%)
    6. Unknown (9%)
    7. Quebec (5%)
    8. Maritimes (4%)
    9. Territories (<1%)
  2. United States (22%)
  3. Remainder of World/Unknown (9%)

In the offseason, the Canada/US ratio shifts dramatically, with Canada hitting a low of 62% and averaging high 60’s. Once the season starts, Canadian traffic jumps as a percentage, accounting for 80-85% of visitors. All-time, Canadian visits are eroding, dropping 2% in the last 2 years.


  1. IE (26%)
  2. Chrome (25%)
  3. Safari (21%)
  4. MobileSafari (18%)
  5. Firefox (8%)
  6. Other (2%)

What a shift in the two years since the last zeitgeist.


  1. Windows (49%)
  2. Macintosh (37%)
  3. Linux (13%)

Spirit of the Times

The FAQ is still very popular in answering a wide variety of visitor questions, and it continues to be updated with current information, refined and added to. Other resources like the Books page, CBA, Rulebook, Schedules page and Stadium Status page all continue to be sought out by visitors.

The most visited article of the year is 2014 Grey Cup Quarter Scores. Also in the top three were CBA Reloaded and Kicking 101. The top Single Point link was TSN Fantasy Football CFL Edition.

CFLdb Statistics continued to be the king of the page views, with attendance, rosters and results continuing to be big attractions for visitors. CFLdb Razzle Dazzle saw some growth, with 38.6% of its page views coming in November, but it has largely been neglected with no new content for some time.

Weather data was improved in 2014, both for historical games and upcoming contests. There will be further improvements to that area in 2015. A lot of small bug fixes and behind the scenes work was also done last year. Though a hobby, I am committed to improving the data quality, presentation and experience of the sites.

The Future

The good news is I am motivated to continue to improve the sites and add data in 2015. I have a list of changes I want to make and am confident I can bring a lot of them to the site before the start of the 2015 season. On the list of improvements are:

  • responsive site redesign for a better experience for mobile, tablet and browser users.
  • providing additional summaries of data in the database.
  • revamped rulebook app, with more historical rulebooks.
  • automation and data imports.

Finally, I still have plans for another site to add to the CFLdb family. It is likely to be in private beta in 2015 which hopefully means ready for the 2016 season.

As always, please let me know your ideas, suggestions or corrections to make the sites better.


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