2014 Tribute to the Fallen

Published on December 1, 2014 9:22 PM by dbo.

No video tribute to those from the Canadian football fraternity that passed on in the last 12 months on TSN’s Grey Cup Saturday and Sunday coverage again. This is very disappointing that there is no time for this 3-4 minute feature.

Suggestion to TSN: include this remembrance in Saturday’s Player Awards broadcast. I understand not broadcasting the player awards live, but you need fresh content for the weekend. I am sure for the awards ceremony, a brief moment to remember those who went before won’t be unappreciated. Then the segment can be used in a longer, 1 hour package of the Player Awards, with expanded player speeches, more footage from the ceremony and the remembrance video. I am sure the kids can put up with 3 minutes to acknowledge some people from the past. I know the remembrance video and any celebration (Our League, Grey Cup) videos are the only reasons I watch the weekend pre-game coverage. I would think the CFLAA and CFHOF would assist in researching those in need of memoriam and providing the footage and stills needed for the tribute.

Since I have nothing to fill that hole on CFLdb Razzle Dazzle, I will list those I know about here. If you know of any I’ve missed, please let me know.

In Memoriam

  • Don Barry: 1931-2014
  • Bill Boivin: 1914-2014
  • Franklin “Set” Branham: 1928-2014
  • Al Bruno: 1927-2014
  • Frank Budd: 1939-2014
  • William (Bill) Fliss: 1928-2013
  • Willie Crafts: 1939-2014
  • John Forzani: 1947-2014
  • William Frank, Jr.: 1938–2014
  • Frederick Gundy-White: 1921-2014
  • Frank Hickey: 1924-2013
  • Donald William King: 1929-2014
  • Peter Ladygo, Sr.: 1928-2014
  • John “Buddy” Leake: 1933-2014
  • Francis (Fran) “Moose” Machinski: 1935-2014
  • Ian MacTavish: 1928-2014
  • Ken McCullough: 1933-2014
  • Joseph (Joe) McGrath: 1946-2014
  • William (Leo) McKillip: 1929-2013
  • Bob McNamara: 1931-2014
  • Steve Patrick: 1932-2014
  • Bill Quinter: 1939-2014
  • Ken Reed: 1941-2014
  • Robert (Bob) “Bobo” Sikorski: 1927-2014
  • Peter Titanic: 1921-2014
  • Randy Trautman: 1960-2014
  • Vern Uecker: 1935-2014
  • Joseph (Joe) Vijuk: 1945-2014
  • Norbert “Nobby” Wirkowski: 1926-2014

Sources: CFLAA, with my own independent Internet research and confirmation


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