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Published on June 21, 2014 6:15 PM by dbo.

CFLdb Statistics under went a refresh today, with a lot of fixes to correct odd behaviour, incorrect information and bad links, etc. on the site. There are also some new additions, like stadium pages and the start of awards lists with Players of the Week added going back to the first year they were handed out, 1981. I will continue to expand the information available in these areas this season. However, the largest update comes to the game weather section.

Prior to the update, there was game weather listed for 2,969 games, or approximately 43% of games. This has increased to about 100% coverage — with a caveat. To get game time weather, two things are required: the game location and the game date and time. For games in the database that have that information, CFLdb Statistics has 100% coverage. For games that do not have that information, the site presents the best weather information available for the game. This is daily weather information (min and max temperature along with precipitation) and hourly data that may be based on a game time estimate. When the needed game information is added, the best weather available will automatically be added to the database in time to fill out the information available on the site.

Before the 2014 season, the database held 6,927 games, of which 95 were 2014 games and 88 were games with unknown stadiums (largely ORFU, military service games and exhibition games that haven’t been completely researched yet). This leaves 6,744 games available with at least a game data and location. Of all the games, the breakdown is game time is known for 3,927 games and unknown for 3,000 games. The following table breaks down the source and accuracy of the game weather presented.

Environment Canada2,895 (42.9%)3,526 (52.3%)6,421 (95.2%)
Forecast.io0322 (4.8%)322 (4.8%)
Total2,896 (43.0%)3,847 (57.0%)6,744 (100%)

This information reflects what is in the database at a point in time. When there is only daily information in the database, information is displayed for the game, though that information is not stored in the database. Daily information is used from Environment Canada when the game time is not known or hourly information is not available. When the game time is not known, we estimate the hourly data to display from based on the day of the week. Weekdays the weather is displayed for a night game local time and weekends weather is displayed for an afternoon game local time. Once the game time information is filled out, hourly weather data for the game will be added to the database and the daily data will be deleted.

For the Grey Cup, 70 games display hourly data from the database and 31 games have daily coverage. A focus will be to get game times added to all Grey Cup games so the weather information can be completed this year.

Based on the information that is available, here is what can be said about CFL record weather events. This information is based on incomplete records, especially for attributes like wind speed, humidity, apparent temperature and pressure, which is incomplete even for games where there exists hourly data. The information also comes from the nearest possible weather station, but is not the observations at the stadium itself. Please treat the information as unofficial and inaccurate. I hope to have full weather data complete by next year.

Coldest Game

Coldest Grey Cup

  • Temperature and Apparent Temperature
  • 1991-11-24 Calgary vs Toronto in Winnipeg
  • -18.1°C at 5:00 PM local (end of game)
  • -24 windchill at 4:00 PM local (4th qtr)

Hottest game

Hottest Grey Cup

Windiest Game

Windiest Grey Cup

Highest Pressure

Lowest Pressure

Daily Data

For comparison against the records information pulled out of the hourly data, here are the records from the daily data (only temperature is available to compare).

Coldest Game Day

Hottest Game Day


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