Articles posted in December 2013

Stats Site Maintenance

Published on December 15, 2013

The Statistics site has undergone some maintenance to implement a new feature and fix a number of issues.

  • The timezone of visitors is automatically detected and all times on the site will display in the detected timezone. If the timezone is not properly detected (likely will display UTC) or you wish to override the automatic detection, they you can set your timezone preference on the set timezone page. Right now this only affects times on the stats site, not the main site (this site) or razzledazzle.
  • Game pages now show game time (when known) in your timezone plus local time when there is a difference.
  • Lots of cosmetic and data fixes.
  • More raw data added (historical games) and data on pages will be added this offseason.

As always, if you find an issue, missing data that should be there or anything out of the ordinary, please take just a moment and report it.

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History of Note: Dec. 11, 1909

Published on December 9, 2013

Coming up on Wednesday, December 11 will be the 104th anniversary of the second historic Canadian/American football exhibition. The first took place when Harvard hosted McGill in 1874 and two forms of rugby were demonstrated, to develop independently in each nation over the next 35 years. While there may have been other displays of the football brands in the years between, the next notable exhibition took place in Dec., 1909 when the Ottawa Rough Riders and Hamilton Tigers showcased our game in New York.

In 1909, what would become known as the first Grey Cup game was played on Dec. 4 in Toronto, with the University of Toronto capturing the first Dominion championship to receive this new trophy. A week later, on December 11, 1909, two and three weeks after their seasons ended, the Ottawa Rough Riders and Hamilton Tigers squared off in an exhibition game at Van Cortlandt Park (cricket grounds, presumably) in New York, NY. The match was arranged by the New York Herald newspaper in an effort to showcase the Canadian style of game and rules to the American public and key American football officials, who were under pressure to change their game or have it banned due to numerous high profile injuries and deaths that had occurred during football games in the previous months.

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2013 Tribute to the Fallen

Published on December 2, 2013

I did not see a video tribute to those from the Canadian football fraternity that passed on in the last 12 months on TSN’s Grey Cup Saturday and Sunday coverage. It is possible I missed it, if it did air, let me know. Since I have nothing to fill that hole on razzledazzle, I will list those I know about here. If you know of any I’ve missed, please let me know.

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