Articles posted in June 2013

On Officiating

Published on June 3, 2013

That there is an officiating problem in the CFL seems to be the consensus. Not in the sense that every sports league has an officiating problem according to the fans. For the CFL there is that base, but a larger feeling of inadequacy on top of it. It is Canadian football, the poor cousin, the minor league, so therefore the officiating must be the worst there is. Those that insist that it is true (including CFL fans) are the typical Canadian masochists, gratified in their suffering as not worthy Canadians — too small, too polite, too dumb, too poor.

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TSN’s Pre-season Prank

Published on June 1, 2013

When the CFL announced the 2013 schedule, the release came with the news TSN/TSN2 would broadcast 6 of 8 pre-season games, with the pre-season broadcast schedule published on the article. TSN’s CFL on TSN page also listed the six pre-season games to be broadcast by TSN/TSN2. Later, without announcement or explanation, TSN updated their schedule to only two pre-season games (we still have the original broadcast schedule on our 2013 schedule page, though the CFL has never listed any broadcaster for pre-season games on their 2013 schedule). Why and how this could happen became the big question for fans itching to see some CFL pre-season action.

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