Articles posted in May 2013

Improving Site Infrastructure

Published on May 27, 2013

Today the CFLdb family of sites moved on to some new backend infrastructure, the next step in many planned improvements and additions to the database over the next year. In addition to a few bugs corrected, the changes should provide a faster and more reliable site with less downtime. They will also make it easier to add and adjust things around here. The following is what I am working on for introduction as soon as possible (in order of priority):

CFLdb Statistics

  • assistant coach data for the past 30 years
  • roster and participation data
  • continued completion of game data

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In Defence of the Single

Published on May 5, 2013

Besides the co-existence of the Rough Riders and Roughriders, nothing creates more insecurity amongst Canadians than the single point in Canadian football. Despite the Rough Riders no longer existing, the “can’t have two teams with the same name” claim is still trotted out even though other precedents exist (in the country where they require their much needed validation from). Just like there is no understanding of the history, reasoning, or parallels elsewhere on team names, the single point abolitionists hang their argument solely on “it rewards failure”, blind to the facts around its purpose and spouting poor metaphors to prove their position. The latest is the recently published article by Scott Radley calling the continued existence of the single point a mistake. Now is the time to present a defence for the single point.

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