Twitter Rough Rider Wars

Published on January 26, 2013 9:30 PM by dbo.

It started with a tweet response from Chris Cuthbert supporting Ottawa’s use of the Rough Riders nickname. I enjoy this only because it is nice to see someone shoot down all the false arguments trotted out about the nicknames.

Cuthbert makes a great proposal that should solve any fear in Saskatchewan management. Offer no contesting rights to Rider Nation, Riderville and throw in ‘Riders and whatever necessary in exchange for the use of the Rough Riders. Heck, Ottawa may pay a 1% royalty on all merchandise sales for 10 years. At least there won’t be complaining about the new name, which will be loudest from those who denied the use of Rough Riders.

I know it will never happen as the Saskatchewan management and fans bent on there being one Roughriders will not compromise because their insecurities won’t let them. I won’t stand by and let this weak reasoning become the history. If you are going to make an argument, quit trotting out all the old fallacies, non-factual statements and actually make an argument. Research, get your facts straight instead of making broad, sweeping statements you heard someone make once. These have been repeated for years, but there is no basis to them. The real reason to support one Roughriders is just exclusivity, so just admit it.


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Twitter Rough Rider Wars was published on January 26, 2013 9:30 PM by dbo.

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