Autumn Harvest Potpourri

Published on September 22, 2012 3:25 PM by dbo.

On this first day of Autumn, CFLdb presents another potpourri collection of links on random CFL topics in a new fresh scent.

  • A familiar refrain that will be heard at every Grey Cup Train Tour whistle stop, but the CFL is healthy and facing great opportunities. I’m sure the same things will be said out of Calgary this weekend.
  • Jeff Garcia returned to Calgary for his addition to the Stampeders Wall of Fame. He speaks of his break in the CFL and his Beyond Wealth Sports involvement.
  • In the year of the 100th awarding of the Grey Cup, the CFL highlights the young stars and growth in the game this year.
  • More simple arguments for a CFL video game. I think this tact is all wrong. If you want to prove there is a market, instead of just saying there is, without the backing of a major distributor you need to start small. Create a game for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – the most popular mobile gaming platform today) featuring a unique aspect of the game (so it is CFL only) or kicking, passing and catching drills (like many of the popular kicking only games in the App Store today). Use Kickstarter or a similar method to raise the funds (crowd backed financing). Band together young artists, designers and developers from across Canada that believe in such a project. Success has two paths, either grow the game and platforms yourself (and add licensing agreements) or sell to a big studio. Much better than waiting around for someone else to do it.


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Autumn Harvest Potpourri was published on September 22, 2012 3:25 PM by dbo.

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