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Published on August 31, 2012 10:43 PM by dbo.

Earlier today CFLdb Statistics was refreshed with data provided by CFL Head Statistician Steve Daniel and the CFL. This contribution provides regular season, playoff and Grey Cup game results and quarter scores for the IRFU, WIFU, CFC and CFL dating back to 1907. We have also filled in some exhibition game scores and partial regular season results from the Second World War Service Leagues from 1942-1944. From this data we have compiled standings for each year and verified those and the information found here previously against the CFL records for accuracy.

At the same time, we have restructured the site to correct issues that our previous short-sightedness was causing with this historical data. The terminology of franchises for every team is gone, replaced by team. Franchises will return in the future in reference to the true modern franchises of the CFL. URL slugs have been expanded and cleaned up for better readability and consistency. We have placed redirects in place to cover at least 90% of the changed URL’s, but if I have missed some they will be cleaned up as we get reports of them.

Some other small changes and additions have been made as well. More changes and new features to come in time.

I believe this solidifies the structure of the site for the future. With the data complete (mostly) I will focus on the aspects below in the future. However, as CFLdb is again a one-man show, progress may be slow as I take a break in the short term from major improvements.

  • complete missing games (exhibition and Service Club years)
  • assistant coaches
  • add more executives, fill out history on other leagues and historical teams
  • scoring records (league and team)
  • franchise and city information
  • game links
  • and eventually, player info, starting with rosters and awards

Thank you to all the visitors to the CFLdb family of sites and be sure to start a conversation about what you like, don’t like and think we should add or any errors you find.


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CFLdb Statistics Data Refresh was published on August 31, 2012 10:43 PM by dbo.

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