Articles posted in December 2011

Conservancy Puts Case Forward

Published on December 18, 2011

The factum outlines their argument that OSEG is legally obligated to field a team at any stadium, therefore their plan should be considered since single-sourcing isn't a requirement to acquire the franchise.

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2011 Outstanding Reporting Awards

Published on December 8, 2011

Written sports reporting has become a lost art. Print media, undergoing changes to the delivery method (from physical to electronic — web or app) and what is considered “news” in a connected world, is trying to survive in a world of Twitter, 24-hour sports channels, online video, reduced literacy and short attention spans by following the industry and directly competing for the time of an overloaded viewership. This drives the industry to the bottom about who broke the story first rather who told the story right and had all the facts.

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