2011 Grey Cup Broadcast Review

Published on November 30, 2011 9:52 PM by cflwatcher.

I did not get to watch all of Grey Cup Saturday and Sunday, but I did see the game. I thought I would drop a few lines on the 99th Grey Cup broadcast.

I didn’t take notes of special moments during the game, but I did note to myself that the broadcast quality was very professional, from the cameras, the replays to the call and commentary from the sideline reporters. There were no major faux pas, stumbles or errors that I caught. The direction was solid with minimal, if any, shots from incorrect cameras, etc. Overall, TSN seems to have reached a pinnacle of their coverage in their fourth year of the broadcast. I would still like a solution to the halftime show that doesn’t delay the game a half hour. I feel the Grey Cup was so much better when it was 14 minutes of analysis and commercials and then the players got back to the action. The 100th Grey Cup has a chance to correct this. Of all the tricks and technology deployed, the only thing I would like to see added to regular season games is a few of the camera angles.

From what I saw of the pre-game coverage (Saturday and Sunday) it consisted of the standard pieces, nothing ground-breaking. I have to catch up on watching the recording sometime. Someone else also examined Sunday’s coverage and deemed it a positive experience as well.


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2011 Grey Cup Broadcast Review was published on November 30, 2011 9:52 PM by cflwatcher.

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