Touring the New Features

Published on June 11, 2011 11:56 PM by dbo.

The changes launched Friday night/Saturday morning were fairly large in nature but they are not all immediately visible. Here is a tour of what has been added, what has changed and what is improved.

  1. The biggest addition is the CFLdb Statistics subdomain. This sub-site will host all CFL statistics for CFLdb. At launch we have the following available:
    • Information from 1980 to present
    • Includes schedules, results, attendance, franchise owners, coaches, stadiums and expanded standings
    • Partial television ratings (there are more to search through and add)
    • Explore the site to see everything that is available
  2. The most visible change is the new site design. The design changes were made to mainly accommodate the new information on the site and make the site more user-friendly and the information findable. More work is needed here and your constructive feedback is welcome.
  3. Search is now improved and extended to the new stats information. The new search system will grow with the site and allow for improvements over time.
  4. Improved search also brings related articles/related single point sections on those pages. There is the opportunity to expand this across the site in the future.
  5. There have been behind the scenes improvements to the Rulebook, FAQ and other areas (some still to come).

While incomplete in terms of the history of the league and not covering many areas that visitors want (player statistics), the new features will allow for the easier rollout of new data as we find time. Additions will be able to be made to the site fairly easily with the largest time commitment coming from gathering and verifying data. The most exciting part of having all the data is the ability to aggregate it in ways never seen before. We have many plans on ways to report and display the information that we hope to roll out this year and next.

There is still much to be done. Working on all the things we want to add to the site would be full-time work. Since we are not about to quit our jobs, we will keep chipping away at things. We are happy this long-delayed update has finally gone in so we can begin to look forward at the next stage.


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Touring the New Features was published on June 11, 2011 11:56 PM by dbo.

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