Articles posted in February 2011

2011 Schedule: Domino Effect

Published on February 22, 2011

Note: See the Schedules page if you are looking for the 2011 CFL schedule.

The CFL released the 2011 schedule Feb. 18th. Expectations based on previous release dates was a release date earlier than the eventual 2.5 weeks later than last year. When the schedule was revealed, the absence of a traditional match-up became the focus point of the new schedule.

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The 2011 Schedule Question

Published on February 5, 2011

Update: The schedule is now released.

For months visitors have been searching for the 2011 CFL schedule or the date when it will be released. They end up on the FAQ or schedules page, which satisfied all before February 1. Now, with the schedule release date past last year’s release date of Feb. 1, the questions are mounting. When will the 2011 schedule be released? Answers to this and other questions do not have a simple answer.

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