Articles posted in September 2010

CFL Needs Expansion Road Map

Published on September 27, 2010

Sunday wrapped a successful landing of the CFL in Atlantic Canada. Not the pre-season tastes provided before, this regular season matchup provided the largest attended CFL game in the Maritimes as well as the first neutral site regular season game played in the region. By all accounts the week was a success and the league was received with open arms by Moncton. The lead-up featured the required discussion about Moncton’s and the Maritimes’ suitability for a CFL franchise and the hurdles faced. Outside the media analysis, CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon would only state an Atlantic team is a possibility, not a probability.

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Hamilton Approves Investigating Compromise Sites

Published on September 1, 2010

After an approximate three week cooling off period Hamilton city council responded to a olive branch offered by Bob Young in the form of support of a new site at Aberdeen and Longwood Avenues. The response was a vote to proceed with investigating the viability of the Longwood site and other mutually-agreeable sites with the Tiger-Cats and other parties to try to come to a common understanding on a location and plan. The city has until Sept. 14 to complete these negotiations and decide on a site.

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