Articles posted in August 2010

Dog Days Dip

Published on August 24, 2010

As August winds down the dog days of summer the CFL sits in between its two shortened weeks, with each division taking turns at bye breaks in weeks 8 and 9. Now in the fourth year of the collapsed bye weeks, the league seems committed to this scheduling method for the fairness and ease of logistics in an eight team league. Though great for the scheduler, this format takes away the league’s momentum heading into Labour Day. Or perhaps fans need a break too and will be raring to come back to a full slate of games in week 10.

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Bob Young's Decision

Published on August 9, 2010

A lot of coverage from today on the events of the past 4 days. Not too much yet on the ramifications from Bob Young's announcement that he has pulled all and any offers of contributing to a Pan-Am Stadium off the table.

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West Harbour Poorly Managed Vision

Published on August 5, 2010

In the debate de jour Wednesday, the stadium sides traded thoughts about parking at the two sites. The Tiger-Cats offered to cover the cost of up to 7,000 parking spots at the East Mountain site at roughly $5,000 per spot. The city responded by clarifying the parking situation at West Harbour, stating that there are actually 4,615 spots in the harbour area within 700 meters of the stadium. The interesting point of this is not the debate over the number of spots, but that these facts and more from the city's West Harbour location start trickling out now.

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