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We’ve gone through the option year window, the release of the 2010 schedule and the start of free agency. We still have the Evaluation Camp, Canadian College Draft and training camps to come. How do we bide our time until the season starts? Well, cflwatcher has sent along some more archive video and I have extracted some old CFL commercials from the late 1980’s. Enjoy.

All video is H.264/MPEG-4 AVC in MP4 V2 container unless otherwise specified.

1988 CFN Hit Parade Top 10 (9:06, 138.6MB)

  • Rush Hour - Jane Wiedlin
    • Greg Battle, more
  • Locomotion - Kylie Minogue
    • Fans
  • One Way or Another - Blondie
    • Bobby Jurasin, Gary Lewis, James Curry
  • New Sensation - INXS
    • Jeff Fairholm, Orville Lee, Pernell Moore, Dan Wicklum
  • Forever Young - Rod Stewart
    • Willie Fleming, George Reed, Russ Jackson, Ray Jauch
  • Simply Irresistible - Robert Palmer
    • Cheerleaders
  • Put Your Head on my Shoulder - The Lettermen
    • Sean Salisbury, Matt Dunigan, Tracy Ham
  • Let’s Go - Wang Chung
    • Fans
  • Mister Sandman - The Chordettes
    • Larry Wruck, more
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
    • Al Bruno, Joe Faragalli, Bob O’Billovich, Mike Riley, Lary Kuharich, Larry Donovan, John Gregory, Bob Weber

In 1989 the release of the movie Batman was accompanied by a media blitz. Many did whatever was possible to capitalize on the Batman phenomenon, including reviving reruns of the campy 1960’s Batman TV series. The CFL spoofed the send-offs of the old show with a series of their own commercials. cflwatcher was able to provide commercials for six of the eight teams.

1989 CFL Commercial - Toronto Argonauts - Gil Fenerty (partial) (0:10, 2.7MB)

1989 CFL Commercial - Winnipeg Blue Bombers - James Murphy (0:29, 7.8MB)

1989 CFL Commercial - BC Lions - Matt Dunigan (0:31, 7MB)

1989 CFL Commercial - Ottawa Rough Riders - Orville Lee (0:30, 7.8MB)

1989 CFL Commercial - Saskatchewan Roughriders - Jeff Fairholm (0:31, 7.8MB)

1989 CFL Commercial - Hamilton Tiger-Cats - Grover Covington (0:31, 7.6MB)

Also in 1989, CFL teams developed and aired some creative commercials and marketing campaigns of their own.

1989 CFL Team Commercials 1 (2:27, 38.1MB)

1989 CFL Team Commercials 2 (3:32, 53.8MB)

  • featuring a young Hamilton Tiger-Cats owner, David Braley

The Canadian Football Network also aired commercials to promote the upcoming season during their pre-season kickoff show.

1989 CFN Commercials (1:29, 22.8MB)

  • Anthony Cherry, Glen Kulka, Dave Ridgway, Stu Laird, Sean Salisbury, Gerald Alphin, Tom Richards, Tracy Ham, Tyrone Gray, Orville Lee, Darrel K. Smith, Bobby Jurasin, Larry Willis, Kevin Konar, Matt Dunigan, Jeff Fairholm, Grover Covington, Gil Fenerty, Rob Prodanovic, Brett “The Toaster” Williams

Finally, here are some Hit Parades from 1989.

1989 CFN Hit Parade - Downtown - One 2 Many (1:05, 16.3MB)

  • David Williams, Ray Elgaard

1989 CFN Hit Parade - Still Cruisin’ - The Beach Boys (1:10, 18MB)

  • Mike Hildebrand, Tim Jessie, Harry Skipper, Tim McCray, Tracy Ham, Danny Barrett, Rocky DiPietro, Gil Fenerty, Gerald Alphin, James Murphy, Earl Winfield, David Williams, Lee Saltz


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