Grey Cup and Afterwards Review

Published on January 10, 2010 2:16 PM by dbo.

Late, but better than never, I itemize some of the stories from the Grey Cup through the end of 2009 from a wild finish to the game and how it happened to coaching moves and ownership questions.

The Grey Cup Prelude

The Grey Cup

The Afterwards

  • Reports during Grey Cup week surfaced that the Argos were eyeing a move to BMO field. The whole idea was oddly timed and poorly reasoned. The Argos knew the limitations of the field (field size, seating reduction from current ticket base, modification costs) and the idea that the current owners saw a stadium move as a factor to whether they kept the team seems silly. In the end the CFL squashed any idea of playing at BMO field with a modified field size.
  • The Argos fired coach Bart Andrus two weeks after the Grey Cup, adding to the growing list of items which indicate a dysfunctional football structure that Toronto has been plagued by for decades. Please, who ever owns the Argos, hire strong football people and business people and build a consistently strong organization. No more quick fixes on the field or anywhere else (coaching, stadium moves).
  • The Argos’ search for a new coach will apparently focus on someone with Canadian experience. Hopefully they also focus on Canadians on the field, another place the Toronto team had a visible deficit of talent and depth. Whoever takes the job will have their work cut out for them with a lack of proven talent in key positions like quarterback.


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Grey Cup and Afterwards Review was published on January 10, 2010 2:16 PM by dbo.

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