One People, One Nation, One Game

Published on December 1, 2009 9:44 PM by dbo.

Grey Cup Saturday and Sunday featured another CFL produced video in the This Is Our League series. This one, which I am calling One People, One Nation, One Game, focuses on the role the Grey Cup has in this country. I am yet to see it posted on the CFL YouTube channel or the CFL‘s video site, so I am providing versions here taken from this weekend’s telecasts.

All video is H.264/MPEG-4 AVC in MP4 V2 container unless otherwise specified.

One People One Nation One Game - Grey Cup 2009 This is Our League (36.6 MB, 2:25) (Alternate)

The song featured in the video is The Holy Ground by The High Dials out of Montreal. It is found on their 2005 album War of the Wakening Phantoms (iTunes link) or their 2007 EP The Holy Ground (iTunes link). Great song. EP purchased.

Speaking of songs, let’s hope the CFL (or TSN) produce their own video from Donovan Woods’ excellent My Cousin Has a Grey Cup Ring. (If someone has a copy or link to CBC‘s 2007 video featuring this song, please pass it on.) It certainly would help to reverse the label of TSN‘s Grey Cup broadcasts versus the CBC‘s. I find all of these slow, building songs perfect for the historical footage. Sure, you need some rockers for highlight videos, but these clips are meant to stir greater emotions in people about things like nationality and identity that are rarely brought forward by any aspect of our society

Update: TSN did just so, producing a segment on Donovan Woods for the 2011 Grey Cup weekend.

As I said last year, check out The High Dials (iTunes link), Neverending White Lights (iTunes link), and Donovan Woods (iTunes link) and support Canadian artists.

On another note, the 2009 Grey Cup game (iTunes link) is now available on iTunes. My copy is downloading now. Go get yours if you want a perfectly edited keepsake of Sunday’s game.


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