Holiday Greetings

Published on December 31, 2009 6:18 PM by dbo.

Holiday greetings from CFLdb and best wishes to all our visitors in the new year. I wish to apologize to anyone who was unable to reach the site on Christmas Day. Technical problems cropped up and unfortunately I was unable to correct the issue until I returned home late that day.

To sum up the year, I now present the 2009 CFLdb zeitgeist.

Top 5 Viewed Pages (excluding home page and feeds)

  1. 2009 Grey Cup Quarter Scores
  2. Rulebook
  3. FAQ
  4. Analyzing the 2009 CFL Schedule
  5. Schedules page

Other pages only added recently have proven popular and show up in the top 20 pages, including the CBA and CFL Books pages. The most viewed section is, by far, the CFL Rulebook, which means I will continue to provide updates annually. The iCal schedules and videos have also proven popular.

Top 5 Search Queries (combined similar and derivative terms)

  1. 2009 grey cup quarter scores
  2. cfl rulebook
  3. cfl schedule
  4. cfl database
  5. cfl ical

Overall, since the relaunch in June traffic has increased month over month with November and December seeing our highest months ever in visitors and page views, with December largely powered by the 2009 Grey Cup Quarter Scores post that contributed hundreds of visitors.

Top 5 CFLdb Additions, Enhancements and Changes Expected in 2010

  1. Adding historical data
  2. Improving search
  3. Expanding FAQ
  4. Adding additional video
  5. More schedules

I am working on the new features already and hope, if time permits, to start rolling them out in late winter. If time permits (or the right help comes my way), 2010 may also see a re-design of the site. Once again I thank everyone for their support and wish all CFL fans a happy and prosperous 2010.


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Holiday Greetings was published on December 31, 2009 6:18 PM by dbo.

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