New Ways to Contact CFLdb

Published on October 2, 2009 3:32 PM by dbo.

I’ve made a few changes on the site today, amongst them a few additional ways to contact me. First, the FAQ page has been redone and it includes a new form where you can submit a question to be included in the FAQ. Second, there is a new contact form page which allows you to send any comment, question, compliment or beef to me via a web form. With this new contact form I will be accepting questions on historical CFL information and will reply directly to the questioner within 48 hours in most cases with an answer or at least some leads I hope. I hope this service can be found useful to our visitors who end up here looking for information but do not find it.

I continue to work on the next phase of CFLdb, which is adding historical information to the site. However, I am going to be busy at work until the end of the year so I cannot commit as to when this will be ready.


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New Ways to Contact CFLdb was published on October 2, 2009 3:32 PM by dbo.

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