Articles posted in September 2009

Expansion Needs More Than Just Suggestion

Published on September 14, 2009

Expansion has been a hot topic in the CFL for around 30 years. From the first suggestions of a team in Atlantic Canada in the early 1980’s to the American expansion phase in the 1990’s to the Ottawa Renegades and expansion efforts this decade, the CFL has expanded enthusiastically when presented the opportunity though perhaps not always wisely for the long-term. Still, expansion suggestions are the the most frequent comments and questions placed on fan forums and sites around the Internet. For the most part, the suggestion of a location as prime for expansion is enough for the suggester to believe the CFL should grant a franchise there tomorrow. If only it were that easy.

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Lansdowne Hurt By Political Bickering

Published on September 4, 2009

This web site is not all about the Ottawa Lansdowne Park revitalization plan or returning the CFL to Ottawa although it seems that way. I do follow the situation closely because I am interested in it. The conditional franchise that is currently in play depends on finding the team a place to play, so Ottawa’s decision on an outdoor stadium has a definite impact on the current plan but also the future. If Ottawa decides Lansdowne should not contain an outdoor stadium, I believe the possibility of a new stadium being built in the foreseeable future to be very slim. That fact will mean no potential owners coming forward in the future.

The decision on Lansdowne is up to Ottawa; it is not for me to interfere. I am saddened by the the encapsulated arguments and spin put on every detail in an effort to sway the public. It is disheartening that this type of politics has to be played rather than being truthful about the vision you hold. Unfortunately our public is so numb to the negative tear-down ideas politics they do not demand more.

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Ottawa Presented Solid Lansdowne Proposal

Published on September 2, 2009

The redevelopment plan for Ottawa’s Lansdowne Park was released today and was welcomed by those with an open-mind to the situation.

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Lansdowne Presentation Wednesday

Published on September 1, 2009

Contrary to my previous report, the public unveiling of the Lansdowne plan will be presented to council tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 2. The final result is a collaboration between government, represented by the city and other commissions, and the Lansdowne developers. A detailed plan is the promised result from the negotiations, planning and design performed over the last four months, expanding from the concept of the original presentation to council. It is said the plan meets all the criteria set out by the council when they commissioned this negotiation period and also does not require federal or provincial funding to complete the project. That alone makes the plan and design worth a review by the citizens of Ottawa.

Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien has privately been presenting the plan to councillors in advance of the formal presentation. Now official, the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group has applied formally to the USL for a franchise as had been hinted at since April. If successful in acquiring a franchise, soccer will become another major tenant of the stadium which is part of the park proposal. A small detail regarding the acceptance of of buses on Queen Elizabeth Drive, which follows the Rideau canal, during park events by the National Capital Commission shows the consultation and cooperation this plan is receiving from the many different stakeholders. After tomorrow’s unveiling Ottawa citizens should evaluate what the plan is, not what it isn’t, for getting greater cooperation and bang for the dollar on another plan may be too much to ask.