One Month: An Update

Published on July 13, 2009 4:22 PM by dbo.

A little more than a month since the re-launch, I want to write a quick post on what I’ve seen in the first 30 days, changes made, future plans and other news. The re-launch on the new platform has gone well with only a few glitches. Traffic patterns are consistent with the appropriate increases for the launch of the season and the new features of CFLdb.

The most popular search topics for people arriving at the site relate to the rulebook, schedules (or iCal schedules) and television schedules. Surprisingly the Rulebook has jumped to the number one section of the site. Schedules is second, with the posts on the 2009 schedules still receiving the most hits. Finally, a lot of people are searching for the CBC television schedule. Unfortunately they are not directed to the FAQ page. Let it be clear that CBC will not broadcast any CFL games through the end of the 2012 season as TSN has the exclusive broadcast agreement for the regular season, playoffs and Grey Cup until then. There are alternatives to the TSN broadcasts for those who do not receive TSN, although they require an Internet connection. For Canadians, CFL games can be viewed shortly after their conclusion on TSN On Demand (click the Video Library tab). International fans can watch CFL games live on the Internet by checking the webcast schedule. Finally, if you have an iTunes account, you can purchase any TSN game from iTunes for $2.49 or purchase a season pass for any of the eight teams for $29.99.

To continue to grow the site’s traffic, it needs continued word of mouth. Feel free to link to the site from blogs and forums, email our address to friends and visit often or subscribe to our feeds. The rulebook especially was meant to allow people to reference an exact rule, section and article in links on forums where interpretation or discussion of a rule is taking place. To build the community it also needs comments. Please do not hesitate to leave comments on articles and links. While our comment policy may appear harsh, it is directed at SEO spammers and is being reviewed. I would like to see a few comments on the site so the needs of the commenting system can be determined.

Over the past month a few fixes have been made to the site. Links in the feeds were fixed, missing article permalinks in the rulebook were added, and some missing content restored (to correct some 404 errors). As well as adding some additional content (links to SMS, import ratio and video replay pages were added to the Rulebook section today) I’ve been working on the next features of the site.

First will be an update of the rulebook with the 2009 rule changes. Work has also begun on league and franchise pages starting with basic information, history and statistics. I am tentatively planning for the launch of the first release of this section in the fall of 2009. I also want to review the commenting system on the site for its ease of use. Other behind the scenes changes are also in the works.

Still a part-time labour for me, the evolution of the site will continue slowly as a single person affair. I am always looking for passionate CFL fans who wish to contribute to the site. If you have a wealth of CFL information or reference material, programming or design experience and wish to contribute, please contact me.


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