CFLdb Gets a Makeover

Published on June 11, 2009 10:37 PM by dbo.

A spring refresh is now complete on CFLdb, bringing a new backend and a lot of spring cleaning. Under the covers CFLdb is now powered by the Django framework. Migrating from the previous “temporary” WordPress setup has taken much of my time the past few months. I’ve worked on making sure as much as possible still works on the new code base and have added some tweaks and features as well. Delivery is a little late, with CFL training camps now in full swing and plenty of league and team news as the regular season approaches. I’ll highlight the new features of the site that I hope will be the start of new direction for CFLdb providing unique CFL information.

The new framework will provide an easier, more modular way to display new and unique information like schedules, standings and other statistics. For the launch, one major new feature has been added. The CFL Rulebook is now available in searchable, permalink form. The advantages of this are many:

  • provides a html version of the rulebook that can be indexed by search engines.
  • easily browsable and read in smaller sections
  • permalinks allow exact rules, sections and articles to be linked to in blog posts, forums and emails. (Look for permalink markers after each article heading).
  • as it is updated each year, prior year’s book will remain, allowing rule differences over the years to be apparent. (I am considering adding rulebook history prior to 2008. If you have copies of the official CFL rules from past years, please contact us).

The rulebook starts with the 2008 version. As soon as the 2009 version is released I will work on getting the changes from it updated on CFLdb. I attempted to recreate the published rulebook and closely as possible, from the layout to the text. If I have made any errors, they are inadvertent. If you find any discrepancies between the 2008 printed rulebook and CFLdb‘s online copy, please let me know and I will credit you with the correction.

For an example as how the rulebook could be utilized, let us take the CFL‘s Officiating quiz from their article on the Officials training camp this past week. With our new rulebook section you could easily search for the term in question and find the relevant rules and sections. You may have been able to discover the wording tricks to the questions before the answers were published on Monday.

Some other small changes have been made as well. The Single Point Links and Articles have been combined on the home page instead of relegating the Single Point Links to the sidebar. Comments have also been opened up on the Single Point Links. Other small re-arrangements with the location of some items occurred, and the default feed has been switched to a combined feed of articles and links, with individual feeds for Articles, Single Point Links and Comments remaining.

I will be performing a few tweaks on the templates over the next few weeks as I look for things I’ve missed or forgotten. If you find any issues with the site, please leave a comment or contact us. Next on the project list will be to bring some historical statistics to the site.


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