Articles posted in June 2009

Braley’s Loan Story Shock Journalism

Published on June 16, 2009

Today published a story stating David Braley, owner of the B.C. Lions, contributed half of the $2 million purchase price for the Toronto Argonauts to new owners Howard Sokolowski and David Cynamon and continued to lend them money. Although all parties denied the existence of an ownership stake by Braley in the Argonauts, the CFL later acknowledged the loans in media statements, although they were not known to the league. To me, the story came off as shock journalism for sports. Sell some papers, create a stir, but don’t really address the issue and provide facts where they exist and questions where they don’t.

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Possible Glitches

Published on June 13, 2009

Now that the new site is up, there are some things I should raise as possible glitches.

  • iCal schedule files have been redirected from their previous location in the Schedules directory to our media server. A redirect has been added to redirect any requests so your existing subscription should work. If you do experience problems, please let me know and you can always re-subscribe using the new address found on the Schedules page.
  • Feeds should just work, with subscribers to the standard feed now getting the combined feed. If you had the standard feed and Single Point feed, you will likely want to delete the Single Point feed.
  • Comments are enabled for new articles for 14 days (moderated after 12 days) and new links for 48 hours. If your comment doesn't appear after posting it, it has gone into moderation. I will review moderated comments and approve legitimate ones as soon as I can each day. I will be working on the comment system more this summer to make some improvements in this area.

If you find issues with these or any other areas on the site, please let me know.

CFLdb Gets a Makeover

Published on June 11, 2009

A spring refresh is now complete on CFLdb, bringing a new backend and a lot of spring cleaning. Under the covers CFLdb is now powered by the Django framework. Migrating from the previous “temporary” WordPress setup has taken much of my time the past few months. I’ve worked on making sure as much as possible still works on the new code base and have added some tweaks and features as well. Delivery is a little late, with CFL training camps now in full swing and plenty of league and team news as the regular season approaches. I’ll highlight the new features of the site that I hope will be the start of new direction for CFLdb providing unique CFL information.

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