Ottawa Stadium Site List Released

Published on February 20, 2009 1:38 PM by dbo.

A report commissioned by the City of Ottawa to identify sites for a new outdoor stadium has been released. Using four main criteria to evaluate the sites, Bayview Road/Tom Brown Arena and Carelton University tied for the top score. The Lansdowne location, proposed by the stadium project of Ottawa Sports and Entertainment (Jeff Hunt group) came in sixth place. The Scotiabank location, proposed by Eugene Melnyk’s Senators Sports and Entertainment, was the highest ranked of four Kanata locations along with another ScotiaBank site tied for seventh. There were a total of 23 sites ranked in the report and the report did not prefer either a central, urban centre location or a sports-entertainment district with shared infrastructure. Instead it listed both as options and left it to the city to decide which meets the needs of the region.

Slam! Sports poll results (non-scientific) show an overwhelming majority prefer a multi-use facility be built. I’ve captured the results in an image for posterity for when the poll question is changed. This was captured on Friday, February 20, 12:59 PM EST.

Results graph from Slam! Sports Poll

Results graph from Slam! Sports Poll

Update - February 27: I’ve updated the screen grab of the poll results. Since the first grab was taken, the results have increased by almost 300 votes and the percentages have remained the same.

Update - March 6: I’ve updated the screen grab again. A little less than 200 votes have been added with the percentages again staying roughly the same.

Update - April 16: Another update. About 700 more votes but no real change in the percentages.


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Ottawa Stadium Site List Released was published on February 20, 2009 1:38 PM by dbo.

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