A Brief Introduction

Published on November 4, 2008 5:56 PM by cflwatcher.

Hi, my handle is CFLWatcher.  I am the newest (and second?) member of the CFLdb team.  I will be focusing on articles on the CFL‘s media coverage.

I have been a CFL fan since early childhood.  My strongest memories start in the 1980’s with the end of the Eskimos dynasty, the Argos ending their Grey Cup drought and the many exciting Grey Cup games played that decade.  Through the 1990’s new stars arrived, US expansion came and went and the CFL began its turnaround to the upswing it is still on today.

Since the mid-1980’s I have watched every televised CFL game that was possible, missing only a few a year due to other commitments, blackouts or other reasons (actually being at a game!).  I’ve experienced the CFL in a lot of different ways, from in the stands, to radio broadcasts, televised and lately on the Internet in both a live play-by-play format and video on-demand.  I’ve seen the CFL use both the CBC and CTV to broadcast the Grey Cup, been through the CFN years, the introduction of TSN as a broadcaster and various pay-per-view and other broadcast schemes.  Am I qualified to write about the CFL‘s media coverage?  I have no expertise in any of the pertinent areas (writing, media studies, football or sitting on the couch), so probably not, but I am going to give it a shot anyway.

I will start next week by posting a review of TSN‘s coverage of this Saturday’s 2008 CFL Division Semi-Finals.  I encourage everyone to leave their thoughts and comments on that or any of my posts.


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A Brief Introduction was published on November 4, 2008 5:56 PM by cflwatcher.

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