Articles posted in August 2008

Argos, ‘Riders Face Locker Room Issues

Published on August 25, 2008

This weekend’s trade between the Toronto Argonauts and Saskatchewan Roughriders of quarterback Michael Bishop for a 2011 conditional draft pick has become curiouser and curiouser. This deal may prove larger in the way each of these teams finish than their earlier off-season trade of last year’s Most Outstanding Player and Grey Cup champion QB Kerry Joseph. Toronto is rid of Bishop, whose popularity in the locker room in Toronto was a distraction while in Saskatchewan, the arrival of Bishop may result in the release of veteran QB Marcus Crandell, upsetting the loyalties of players in Regina.

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Argos, CFL Only Have to Overcome Stigma

Published on August 16, 2008

Thursday’s Buffalo Bills game at Toronto’s Rogers Centre did not provide the wave of NFL support expected to smother the CFL. Instead, what was just another exhibition football game was perhaps over-hyped by the media (although Rogers Sportsnet was the only guilty broadcast outlet I saw).

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CFL News Toronto-centric

Published on August 13, 2008

CFL news continues to be Toronto-centric this year. Not necessarily the on-field news, although the Argonauts have had their share of coverage over their 3-4 start. The off-field activities surrounding the future of the team and the influence of the NFL continue to make headlines, this week no exception with the Buffalo Bills arriving Thursday to play their first of their eight games in five years.

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