TSN coverage adds to season anticipation

Published on June 24, 2008 11:01 PM by dbo.

With the countdown on to the CFL‘s 2008 season kickoff on Thursday (7:00 PM EDT) in Hamilton, excitement is building about the television coverage with TSN starting it’s five-year run as the exclusive CFL broadcaster. The globesports.com article by William Houston hints at some changes TSN will bring to the broadcast this year, like a remote goalpost camera for Friday Night Football telecasts. CFL fans with recent investments in big-screen televisions and High Definition subscriptions will also be pleased to know 57 of 72 regular season games plus all playoff games and the Grey Cup will be broadcast in HD this year.

TSN will cover all games with only two crews, Chris Cuthbert and Glen Suitor covering 42 games while Rod Black and Duane Forde will call the remaining 30 games. Forde is the newcomer to the network, working previously for The Score. His colour commentary resume and just-the-facts analysis will be a welcome change to CFL fans who have suffered with Leif Petersen and Chris Walby for too long. The panel will be working more than in past years, with Dave Randorf moderating the experienced group of Jock Climie, Matt Dunigan and Chris Schultz. It appears Brian Williams will provide special reports and interview segments for pre-game shows.

With a rumoured price tag of $75 million over 5 years, TSN will be looking to bring the quality of the broadcasts up and keep viewers interested with the quality broadcasts. TSN will establish a strong online and mobile media presence for the CFL over the next five years, starting with live streaming of Friday Night Football games this year. All of this is good news for CFL fans.


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TSN coverage adds to season anticipation was published on June 24, 2008 11:01 PM by dbo.

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