CFLdb Refreshed - New Features Launched

Published on May 27, 2008 9:20 PM by dbo.

Today I refreshed the CFLdb site with a new paint job and a few new features. This will be the base for the CFLdb theme until I am ready to implement a custom back end. There may be a few corrections to issues I find on the live site, but other than that I won’t be focusing on the site’s look.

I do plan on adding new features and improving existing ones as I am able. This release launches a number of features to the previous blog-only format. First, I have added a Google News Bar below the header which provides a ticker to recent CFL and CFL team news stories. I have also added a RSS feed of the latest articles on to the sidebar. Below that feed is a custom CFL feed mashup I created using Yahoo! Pipes from the football article feeds of, and Slam! Sports as well as the feed. I have filtered these combined feeds on stories on the CFL and member clubs. I haven’t had a lot of time to test, improve and streamline this Yahoo! Pipe, so feel free to clone and build your own off of it or provide your suggestions. The feed mashup is available for subscription using the link on the RSS icon.

I’ve also added a CFLdb feature called Hash Marks in the sidebar where I will post links and short commentary on CFL news and stories. This will leave larger posts for the bigger events and commentary.

Finally, I’ve added the 2008 CFL schedule in iCal format to the sidebar. The CFL is publishing their schedule in iCal format now as well, but I have provided the full CFL 2008 schedule as well as 2008 home schedules for each of the teams. Instead of just subscribing to the full 2008 CFL schedule, you can subscribe to each of the team’s home schedules and colour code each team’s schedule in iCal. The iCal format is used by Mac OS X’s iCal application, Google Calendar and many other calendar programs able to read the iCal format. The schedules will be updated through the season with any changes and results, so if your subscription is set to follow changes, you can keep your calendar up to date with the latest information. The schedules include the game info as well as location, TV coverage (TSN or TSN HD), week and bye information.

There are a few items still to do with these features, such as improving the Hash Marks commentary, adding a combined feed, improving the Yahoo! Pipe feed and completing the Links and Places sections. I will work on these improvements as I can, but my first priority will be to post here regularly, both longer posts and short Hash Mark commentary.

I hope that CFL fans and site visitors will find these improvements useful. I would appreciate any comments on the usefulness of these changes, any suggestions on improvements to the site or features, and pointing out others who may have valuable CFL resources of their own.


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