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2009 Bombers Suffer (Final) Loss

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Published on April 7, 2010 8:30 PM by dbo.

Interesting points revealed in Winnipeg’s fiscal year-end financial statements and $1.2 million reported deficit:

  • league revenues dropped by $150,000 year-over-year
  • almost $1 million ($981,950) in severance charges in 2009 fiscal year
  • gate receipts only decreased $66,436 while sponsorship fell $205,232
  • deficit was covered by the the team’s surplus, which is now reduced to $3.88 million

The off-season shakeup continues in Winnipeg with the Blue Bomber board of directors. A record of 7-11 while being the only team to exceed the salary cap despite creative roster moves does not sit well in Winnipeg.

This link is tagged with finances and winnipeg-blue-bombers.

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